Workbook Practice Module Update & Preview

February 2, 2024

At the end of December, we started rolling out the first phase of the Workbook Practice Module (WPM) and are pleased to confirm the following functionality is already available to all registered users: 

  • A lesson plan based on completing one Workbook lesson per day (start on any lesson)
  • A reading list and detailed practices for each day, based on what the Course itself says 
  • The image on the app home screen will reflect your current lesson
  • Progress is synced to your account, across devices

Users of the native mobile app - available from  the Apple App Store or Google Play store - can also access the following (subject to device capability and settings): 

  • A daily prompt which reminds you to move onto the next lesson 

While thousands of users have been trying out the new lesson plan functions, work has continued on the many complex algorithms required to run the full range of Workbook notifications which we are preparing to test. 

This is no mean feat - anyone familiar with Workbook practice will know that there are many combinations of morning and evening practice periods, hourly practices, frequent reminders, and responses to temptation! Peter has been working hard to ensure there are no conflicting notifications, while also enabling user customisation. We want you to have flexibility in using these notifications and recognise this is a key to supporting your daily practice.

It’s going really well, and we will be testing the full notification functionality very soon. In the meantime, we’d like to thank you for your ongoing support of this project and we welcome donations of any size to help us continue our work. 


With love and best wishes, 
Sarah, Peter, and the entire Circle of Atonement team 

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