The ACIM CE App is here!

November 14, 2022

We were completely blown away by the number of people who joined us LIVE for the ACIM CE App launch party on Friday 11th November! We anticipated there would be a lot of interest in this app, but to see so many of the community at the launch was such a joy - especially as many of those attending had supported the development in some way. This really has been a community project - not only was it community funded, but the bug testing, audio proofing, and format checking was also completed by a community of volunteers.

At the launch we invited everyone to download the app, and we have received so much wonderful feedback all over the weekend. Everyone at the Circle of Atonement is delighted to see the app out in the world and how much people are enjoying it. To get to this point has taken a lot of work, and it's been fun, but now that we are seeing Course students using and loving the app it's even more rewarding. Especially as we have been able to offer this version of the app entirely FREE of charge*.

If you weren't with us for the launch and you'd like to download the app, please head to from Safari (iOS) or Chrome (Android) and follow the online instructions. Should you need it, you can find additional support while downloading and getting started here.

*We would love to keep future versions of the app free too. As a small non-profit, we will be reliant on continued support to make that happen. If you enjoy using it and would like to make a donation we would be most grateful. There is so much more we'd like to incorporate into the app and we are currently working on notifications and support for your Workbook practice, plus additional audio content. Please stay tuned for future updates!

2 comments on “The ACIM CE App is here!”

  1. Hi guys. What is the minimum iOS spec for this app please? The link on the website just sent me to a blank page on both Safari and Chrome.

    1. Hi Christopher! I can't really tell the exact unsupported version. Certain features become unavailable the older the phone is. If you could tell me your version of iOS it would be easier to determine what's happening.

      1. Is this still occurring after a refresh?
      2. When you are visiting on Chrome, are you still using iOS? Apple forces Chrome to use Safari under the hood on iOS.
      3. Have you previously visited the site (e.g. as a beta tester).

      Please update me!


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