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February 28, 2024

This month, Peter has taken a short break from the Workbook notification algorithms to tell you more about our semantic search option, which is already available to all users (internet connection required). Many who are using this search option say they consider it to be the most useful feature of the app so far. 

If you haven’t already tried a semantic search, you can do so via a web browser ( or via the app on your mobile device. Let us know what you think. 

Update for Europe
Speaking of the mobile app, we have an important update for users in the European Union and United Kingdom. In early 2024, Apple started rolling out a new operating system update that will effectively end the use of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on their devices within Europe. These changes mean opening the app link on your home screen will lead you to a Safari browser, rather than giving you the full PWA experience.

If you are using the PWA on an iOS device (this will mostly apply to those who downloaded the app before July 2023), we recommend that you delete the app shortcut from your home screen and download the native app from the App Store instead. Provided you have been logged into your account, all progress - including highlights, notes, and tabs - will be saved to the cloud. These will be synced to the new app as soon as you log in. 

How to Support Us!
There are a couple of different ways you can support the app. If you love using it, please consider leaving a review on the Apple App Store or Google play store. The other way is by offering a donation. Currently,  monthly app donations are not covering the app costs. If we are to keep it accessible to everyone, we really need your support. 

Thanks in advance, for anything you can do to help. 

With love and best wishes,
Sarah, Peter, and the entire Circle of Atonement team 

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