Next Steps for the App

April 28, 2023

Following the launch of the ACIM CE App at the end of 2022, new development was put on hold while Peter took a well-earned break to travel around India. Now that Peter is home we have made a start on the next phase of this project and wanted to share an update with you.

We have been working through all minor bug reports received since the launch, as well as the suggestions submitted via our user community and we’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to submit ideas. Some were new to us, while others were things that had been considered and/or included on our development list. We look forward to working on those in due course.

Several items on that list relate to accessibility changes, and we are currently testing a font option which will help users with dyslexia. Peter is also making changes to facilitate blind and partially-sighted users who rely on screen-reader technology.  If you use a screen reader, and would be interested in testing this, please contact and we’ll be in touch. Once they are fully tested, these things will be released in the live version of the app.

Our current priority is preparing the app for download via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We’re just getting started, and will keep you informed as things progress. In the meantime, please be assured that if you’ve already downloaded the app to your mobile device, or if you are using it via a browser, you will be able to continue to use the app without interruption. 

I’ll share another update at the end of May to let you know how things are going, and in the meantime would like to thank you again for your support. We have been able to make the app free to use as a result of your donations, and hope your continued support will enable us to fund development for the wonderful features you’ve been asking for, especially Workbook practice reminders. If you feel guided to make a (further) contribution, please click here. 

With love and thanks,
Sarah Knight
Circle of Atonement

4 comments on “Next Steps for the App”

  1. Just a thought. This probably isn’t easy, but file it away somewhere.
    It would be very useful in study groups if, when a passage is highlighted and copied, to somehow include THE PAGE NUMBER IN THE PRINT BOOK. It doesn’t really need to be copied if it is displayed on the screen when the passage is highlighted. This way, someone could quickly look something up and then be able to tell the rest of the group who are using their books what page to turn to.

    1. Hi Allen, That isn't something we have planned at the moment, especially as page numbers vary between the hardback and softcover versions, but it's something we can consider. Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. Nevertheless, Allen's suggestion is very good. In my study group considerable time and confusion results from getting everyone onto the same text reference/paragraph/exerpt. Having page numbers listed to both the HC and SC CEs would be so useful, it it's possible to do.

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