Making Giant Strides!

January 30, 2022

To borrow a phrase from A Course in Miracles, it feels as though we have made ‘giant strides’ since the previous update. At that time, progress had been severely delayed by the loss of both the original project manager and the developer. On top of that, initial testing indicated that the prototype wasn’t going to meet our long-term requirements.

I (Sarah) had been asked to assume the role of project manager and to work closely with our app designer Will on a plan for moving forward and we had just received an email from a Course student and experienced developer called Peter who wondered if he could help us work on a CE App. Being new to the Circle of Atonement, he knew nothing about our ongoing project but had the exact skills and experience we were looking for!

Working on the app

Over the last month, Peter has been working with us to completely redesign the way the app is structured. He has been able to address all the issues raised through the previous testing process. The changes he is making will allow for a better range of study tools, a truly advanced search functionality, and more effective workbook reminders and audiobook integration. The app will be intuitive to use and navigate on a wide range of Apple and Android devices - even for those who aren't using the latest phone. 

The major work Peter is doing now is on the back-end, so there isn’t much we can show you yet, but we can’t wait to show you what we have come up with. As you already know, the various delays and extra work have taken the app well over our initial fundraising goal, and if you feel guided to make a donation (of any size) to this project we would be most grateful. You can do so here.

We will post another update at the end of February and in the meantime, on behalf of the app team and all at the Circle, would like to thank you again for your support - this project simply wouldn’t be possible without you.

Sarah Knight
Circle of Atonement

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